Do you face the following marketing problems before?

  • You’re spending thousands of pounds a month on advertising, but only getting a few sales for your money.
  • People visit your website but leave without enquiring or buying .

so it is time to use Google Adwords With the help of Voda Tech Egypt ,why?

  • with google adwords you will spend money to get clients ready to buy and looking for what you offer from products and services through Google .
  • You will pay less .

start to increase your sales & start your Google Search Campaign by Voda Tech Egypt :

  • you will get at least 2000 (clicks) potential customers monthly ready to buy.
  • Google will send performance campaign reports directly to you daily .
  • 1st page Google business listing
  • Guaranteed ! Generate leads and/or sales faster with Google AdWords
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website instantly .
  • Reach buyers at the exact moment when they are looking for you.
  • Pay ONLY for clicks – When a buyer views your ad, you don’t pay nothing .
  • Regional settings so with google adwords you can target your ads to your market
[ Egypt,one city or more like Cairo , Alexandria or any Foreign countries ] So When Potential customer enters your keyword on Google within ​target area your ads will appear.

Start To Increase Your Brand awareness & Start your Google Display Campaign :

The Display Network is a collection of partner websites such as . ( – – fatakat .com…etc) and specific Google websites — including Google Finance, Gmail, and YouTube — mobile sites and apps

  • Reach new customers : Capture someone attention at different points in the buying cycle The Google Display Network lets you put your message in front of potential customers at the right place and at the right time in several ways.
  • Brand Advertisers: Brand advertisers are typically most concerned with ensuring their message reaches their target audience while maintaining control of where their brand appears.
  • The Google Display Network allows advertisers to find and connect with their target audience more effectively.
  • If you are primarily concerned with branding goals, you can select sites where you want your ad to appear.

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Select one from our packages

1-Start package

  • 2300 Min clicks (Adwords)
  • 2000 Min clicks (Facebook)

4- Branding discovery

  • 10000 Min  clicks (Adwords)
  • 25000 Min  clicks (Display)
  • 25000 Min clicks (Facebook)
  • 15000 Min true view (You Tube)